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How long should this belt last? Is a question often asked of our technical sales team. 

Metal conveyor belts by their nature have a finite life. The factors that affect belt life can often be confusing and hard to control. Some of these factors are inherent in the materials and design of the belt, while others involve the specific application. 

By gaining an understanding of how belts fail, people working with metal conveyor belts can take steps to optimise belt life. It is important to get the most out of metal conveyor belts to avoid lost time and profits from fixing or replacing conveyors. 

Causes of Conveyor Belt Downtime 

Most belts, if they do fail during use in a production environment, fail because of factors not related to strength, belt life or robustness of the belt. They usually fail for one or more of the reasons we have outlined in our 12 potential causes of downtime related to conveyor belting. 

These failures often result in critical downtime, which equates to lost opportunity, lost production, and lost profits. The most common issues that have been found to be the culprit in the conveyor and/or belting breakdown situations are listed with twelve being the least common and one being the most common. 

The most common reasons for conveyor belt downtime are too much tension, accidents to the machinery and belt, and poor or incomplete splicing. 

If there are any issues with your conveyor belts, then it is important to resolve it swiftly. What may seem like a minor problem or something insignificant can quickly develop into serious damage that can halt production. 

Belt Maintenance Tools with Wire Belt 

When something does go wrong, our range of conveyor belt maintenance tools can help. We offer a range of tools for the easy removal, repair, or installation of metal conveyor belts. 

Our Hand Tool Kits keep all your tools stored in a durable carry case, these kits are  ideally designed for maintenance teams to easily install and maintain Flat-Flex Belts, in  order to reduce the risk of downtime.

Contact Us Today for Conveyor Belt Solutions 

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