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Why use Food Safe and Hygienically Designed Equipment? 

One of the biggest threats to food manufacturers profitability, reputation and uninterrupted production is product recall. When conveyors or conveyor belts are not adequately cleaned, you run the risk of product contamination. 

The impact of these threats to a company is not just loss of sales and profit but irreparable brand damage. Therefore it is important to take steps to reduce the risk of product recall. 

What can a manufacturer do to prevent this impact? Use equipment that has been designed to meet food safe and hygiene standards. With the right hygienic conveyors and conveyor belts, cleaning can become easier and more effective, greatly reducing the risk of product recall from contamination. 

Hygienic Conveyors with Wire Belt 

Wire Belt understands the challenges faced by food manufacturers and can offer conveyor and belt products that are designed for manufacturing facilities where hygiene is a prime concern. 

Stainless steel Compact-Grid and Flat-Flex conveyor belting’s superior qualities in terms of hygienic design and cleanability including resistance to damage, and efficacy of cleaners used make them a belt of choice over plastic modular belting. 

The increased openness of Flat-Flex allows less build up and easier cleaning, enabling visual inspection of drive shafts without dismantling. Its clean in place capability simplifies the process of keeping it hygienic. 

Compact-Grid’s unique grid pattern also provides an open area making it easy to clean. Both products are USDA accepted. The design of both the Flat-Flex and Compact Grid eliminates crevices where biofilms can form. Also with their open framework structure, they greatly reduce areas where debris can become lodged and allow bacteria to grow. 

Finally, research has shown that use of stainless steel Flat-Flex and Compact Grid in place of modular plastic types can increase food conveyor hygiene standards by at least 10 times, and up to 100 times. 

With our hygienic conveyors you can increase the efficiency of cleaning times and lower the risk of a product recall. 

Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors 

Wire Belt also offers a range of enhanced hygienic conveyors that meet or exceed the latest hygiene design guidelines, using innovative features to make cleaning easier. These

conveyors have been specially designed for facilities where hygiene is of crucial importance, such as food processing. 

The key objective in the design is to facilitate cleaning, the features include an open, wash-through construction and open leg frames, so there are no hidden areas and enable hygiene teams to reduce cleaning time. 

As well as helping to prevent the impact of these threats to food manufacturers, these products offer many other benefits such as improved food safety, and a simpler and quicker cleaning process which reduces cost and therefore increases profitability. 

If you would like to enquire for any of these products that improve food conveyor hygiene standards call us on +44 (0) 1795 421771 or email