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What is Compact-Grid® conveyor belting?

Compact-Grid® conveyor belting is a stainless-steel belt and it comes with many benefits. Its primary use is in the food industry, with its wide application including cooking, cooling, draining, freezing, and enrobing.

For this reason, it has been used for things such as bakery, meat, snacks and confectionery products to name a few. It is an innovative new belt from Wire Belt, designed to handle small and delicate products. It also has a great light weight and open mesh belt design.

How can Compact-Grid® Conveyor Belting improve efficiency?

With Compact-Grid®, the time it takes to heat or cool a product will be significantly reduced, due to its great flow-through capabilities. This will reduce your energy consumption and improve efficiency. Its 70% open surface area means it has an optimal performance for processes involving coating, drainage, and liquid or air circulation.

We have performed tests on Compact-Grid® which have shown that it has 5 times less resistance to flow-through than most plastic modular belts. This gives Compact-Grid® the benefit of optimum performance in drying and cooling processes.

Furthermore, another benefit of Compact-Grid® is that it won’t slip, droop or catch fire on a system, unlike some plastic belts. Compact-Grid® is the best solution for cooling products in a high volume, high throughput environment.

Compact-Grid® Case Studies

One Wire Belt customer solved their belt surge problems by employing Compact-Grid®. The previous belt was causing surging due to its weight. Compact-Grid’s lightweight design was used to replace the old belt, and their surging issue on the quick-freezing line was resolved. This also reduced their unplanned and planned downtime.

Another customer found that Compact-Grid® had benefits for chicken battering applications. The belt caused fewer defects than other mesh belting during the battering process, meaning more quality products.

Products Suitable for Compact-Grid®

Compact-Grid® can be used for a wide variety of applications. These include conveying meat products, biscuits, vegetables and also non-food applications like parts washers for corrugated cardboard and circular knives, ovens to heat automotive parts.

The belt has a 10x10mm nominal square opening designed to handle small and delicate products. Thanks to the tight mesh of the belt, it provides optimal product support and can handle heavy loads.

Benefits of Compact-Grid® Cleanability

The Compact-Grid® belt also has advantages in regard to cleanability. The use of Compact-Grid® stainless steel belting as opposed to plastic modular belts can increase food conveyor hygiene standards by at least 10 times. In some cases, it can be improved by more than 100 times.

Compact-Grid has more open area, which means easier and effective cleaning in areas where accessibility might have previously caused issues. Usually, it does not need to be taken off the system for cleaning. It is easy to visually inspect the drive shafts due to the open design, and dismantling is unnecessary. This reduces the time spent on maintenance.

One customer used Compact-Grid® to reduce the difficulty of cleaning. They were processing bread and had to remove and clean their belt nightly due to dough seeping to the belt. This cleaning process was removed by replacing the belt with Compact-Grid®

Finally Compact-Grid® meets all the industry standards and has USDA Approval. We also offer sanitation guidelines in the help center of our website.

Compact-Grid® ease of Installation

Compact-Grid® also has the advantage of being easy to install. The installation process is quick and easy, and when it comes to replacing a belt, its design means processors can join the belt on their conveyor by hooking the belt ends together and crimping to close.

Compact-Grid®’s simplified splicing method makes installation and replacement easy, reducing maintenance time and lowering labour costs.

For more information on Compact-Grid® conveyor belting and how it can help your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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