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For processes that require special handling and belt design

When you have a complex product or process that requires special handling such as: moving product up steep inclines or down sharp declines, maintaining product separation, minimising points of contact, or keeping the product aligned in rows, you need a specialty conveyor belt. Specialty belts are custom-designed and manufactured to your exact specifications for your application.

Specialty Belts

  • Automotive brake pads
  • Electronic circuit boards
  • Chocolates
  • Bagels
  • Snack foods
  • Many other applications

When you have a complex product or process that requires special handling such as:

  • moving product up steep inclines or down sharp declines
  • maintaining product separation
  • minimising points of contact
  • keeping the product aligned in rows
  • maintaining a flat belt surface in high temperature or inverted applications

That’s when you need a belt that can accommodate your process’s difficult handling requirements. You need a specialty belt from Wire Belt Company.

Specialty belts are custom-designed and manufactured to your exact specifications by our team of experienced Engineers. You will have the confidence that you are working with the leading company that has been engineering and manufacturing these types of belts for over 70 years.

We design and manufacture these types of belts for such diverse applications as: automotive brake pads, electronic circuit boards, chocolates, bagels, fried snack foods and many other applications. Our Engineering team looks forward to tackling your challenging application and finding the right solution to fit your needs.

Belt Flights

Specially formed strands that are built into the belt, can incorporate ‘flights’ of various designs. These flights can be arranged to create pockets, or guides, to locate an item. The drawings below show our typical selection of flight forms. Many other flight forms are available depending on your specific product need. Our team of Engineers will work with you to design a custom belt solution that will work for your application.

The examples below show a sampling of the numerous belt flights available. More patterns are available.
Contact our team of Technical Support Engineers for more information.


Aligned Flat-Flex® speciality conveyor belts:

Keep product in specific rows

Aligned belts are used to convey products in specific rows. These belts utilise rows of flights to control and separate delicate products while minimizing damage and waste. In this configuration, all strands are formed in the same manner throughout the belt length. However, the number of rows and the spacing can be varied. The height of these product guides are available up to 12.7mm depending on the belt mesh.


Aligned belts convey products in specific rows


Aligned belts utilize rows of flights (highlighted) to permit control and separation of delicate products


Front view of products separated into defined rows


Compound Flat-Flex® conveyor belts

Compound conveyor belts incorporate specially formed strands with raised sections called “flights” in predetermined locations in the basic flat belt. These are typically used to help move product up an incline, down a decline, or to support, separate or minimize contact between products. The pattern of flights can be designed to create “pockets” that totally isolate easily damaged products. Flights are available in four standard forms from 3mm up to 25mm high/deep.

Flight in the belt make it possible to move product up steep inclines or down sharp declines


Compound belts can incorporate flights to help separate a variety of products


The pattern of flights (highlighted) can be designed to create “pockets” that isolate easily damaged product


Compound belts can also incorporate flights to help support delicate products such as circuit boards


Crowned and Reverse-Crowned Flat-Flex® conveyor belts

Crowned Belts

Since belts may curl when subjected to high temperature, belts can be supplied with a camber introduced. This pre-stresses the belt in the opposite direction to maintain a flat surface during operation.

Reverse-Crowned Belts

These belts are used for hold down applications, such as the conveyorised frying process. Running inverted above the product and supported by its edges, this prevents the belt from sagging.


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Specialty Belts Leaflet

Photocell Manufacture Application


The manufacturing process for Photocells requires operations that are not suitable for typical plastic modular, polymer or fabric belts and therefore metal belts must be used. Due to the repeatability required for the process, it is also necessary to include methods of securing the silicon wafers while they are being moving through the manufacturing process.

Issue to be resolved

During the manufacturing process, silicon wafers are first carried between two narrow rubber belts for printing before moving onto an oven for a curing process. During the curing process, the wafers must be help up off of the belt to allow for a coating on both sides to cure.

Action taken

Flat-Flex® Conveyor Belting is used extensively in applications where a high open area is required, and this is no exception. Through the review of the requirements for lifting the silicon wafers off of the belt, and a high open area, Compound Flat-Flex® was selected as the most effective solution.


Compound Flat-Flex® Conveyor Belting is used effectively to allow both sides of the silicon wafer to cure inside the oven, while also keeping the overall circuit weight and heating costs down due to the high open area, and therefore low thermal absorption.

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