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Inadequate or incomplete joining of Flat-Flex® belting has been identified as the number one cause of belt breakage that leads to unscheduled downtime.  Almost 90% of breakages during production occur at the belt join; therefore it is essential to ensure that your Flat-Flex® belt is joined both completely and correctly.

Whilst Wire Belt offers many innovative belt joining methods such as EZSplice™ and join clips, there are many applications where only a full strand weave is appropriate. Full strand weaving is a joining method where a single strand is woven through the leading and trailing end of the belt to create a join. This method is very popular with coating and enrobing applications since belt strength is maintained and the carrying surface uninterrupted.

Full strand weaving can result in distortions to the wire when weaving across the belt width. This can be addressed by formal training for maintenance staff in best joining practice, alongside the use of specialist tools to redress the wire back into its original form.

To ensure that you get the best operational life from your Flat-Flex® belting, Wire Belt Company Limited offer a comprehensive on-site training package at competitive rates for engineering and maintenance teams that covers the following;

  • Belt joining
  • Identifying Flat-Flex® belting
  • Conveyor maintenance
  • Cause of metal belt failure and how to avoid them

For more information on belt joining and on-site training, contact our technical sales team on +44 (0) 1795 421771 or by email