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Keeping Production Running

Having no spare belt for key equipment is at best weak stock control, at worst reckless. Commercial and economic pressures from management and customers to maintain production at all costs means the chips are down and the stress is on, thousands of pounds loss per hour focuses the mind, making the difference between daily profit or loss in the manufacturing process.  Wire Belt will ensure that those key belts are in stock or available for same day despatch at all times without the downside of high value stocks.

Wire Belt offers two solutions to solve your stocking requirements;

Consignment Stock

The pressure for efficient and cost effective handling of essential spares for your equipment has resulted in consignment stock becoming the standard approach adopted by many major processors and their suppliers. Consignment stock is ideal for large volume users, it anticipates the need for spares and Wire Belt makes these spares available on site for immediate use.  The first step is to agree the amount of consignment stock for each piece of equipment and is based upon a typical 3 month usage, a consignment agreement created and the stock is delivered to site, only when the stock is used and replaced will a charge be made.


  • Release cash previously committed to stock
  • No ‘Out of Stock’ downtime
  • Reduce stock holding cost
  • Eliminiate express freight charges
  • Reduce purchasing activity leading to further cost savings
  • Peace of mind

Hold Awaiting Release

The objective of the hold awaiting release system is to ensure that you should have your key metal conveyor belts available for immediate despatch from Wire Belt.  The system is both simple to operate and has flexibility to fit with customers purchasing routines.  

Wire Belt creates a simple agreement with the customer for Wire Belt to make and ‘Hold Awaiting Release’ key belts, all it takes is an order number.  The belts will be held by Wire Belt for up to 6 months, we regret that we do not have the means to hold orders for periods longer than this.  This system minimises the cost associated with stock holding and speeds up the despatch process.  Customers using this system will be able to request automatic remanufacture of the belt at the point of call off.

The ‘Hold Awaiting Release’ system works well for all belts, especially those special belts where manufacture takes two or more weeks.


  • Peace of mind key belts are ready for despatch same day
  • Stockholding cost minimised
  • Any out of stock or downtime limited to transit
  • Specialist belts always available – no waiting 2 weeks or more.

To find out more about any of these services please contact us.