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Here at Wire Belt, we offer a wide range of belt maintenance tools, designed to make the process of utilising our conveyor belts as simple as possible! We understand that it is crucial for operations to be running smoothly. Whether that be for removal, repair, maintenance or installation, we have the tool that you need to ensure that your belts are performing to the maximum, increasing productivity and reducing downtime!

Our Range Of Tools

Eddie Wire Straighteners: Our Eddie Wire Straightening Tool is a must have for joining and maintaining your Flat-Flex Conveyor Belt! Manufactured to a high quality, Eddie Wire Straighteners can perform a variety of useful tasks such as removing distortions in wire strands in the belt, opening and closing C-Cure Edge loops, and also adjusting Z-bends! The Eddie Wire Straightener is here to save the day!

Universal Cutting Nippers: Another tool which is a must have for Flat-Flex Belting is our Universal Cutting Nippers. Designed to be as easy to use as possible, the compound lever design of this tool generates a strong mechanical advantage, enabling strong wire to be cut with low handle loads!

Fine Wire Cutting Pliers: A tool suitable for cutting music wire belts, our Fine Wire Cutting Pliers are designed to cut smaller-pitched belts. These belts are commonly used in chocolate enrobing processes. The accuracy of this tool is one of its main strengths!

Side Cutting Pliers: A tool which can be used to both cut and join Flat-Flex Belting, our Side Cutting Pliers are also usable in areas where access can be limited. Wire can be fed through the throat of the plier from either end and held firmly over the length of the jaws, whilst remaining parallel throughout their range of movement!

Micro Shear Wire Cutters: If you are looking to cut your belt without losing any of its sharp features, then Micro Shear Wire Cutters have got you covered! With a compact design with spring return, heat treated and chemically blackened, they are suitable for wire diameters up to 1.27mm.

Ladder Belt Clinching Tool: If you need a tool, for opening and closing the edges of your Ladder Conveyor Belt, then look no further! This is the perfect tool to assist with joining!

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