Wire Belt’s Flex-Turn Conveyors  are available in angles from 45° to 180° solving production line space problems with its compact design.

Product Focus: Flex-Turn ® Conveyor


What is a Flex-Turn® Conveyor?

A Flex-Turn® Conveyor is a turn conveyor available in angles from 45º to 180º allowing for changes in product line direction and maximising available production floor space.

What Flex-Turn® Conveyors sizes are available?

Wire Belt’s Flex-Turn® Conveyor range is available with three different inside radii, with 13 total belt widths encompassing both left hand and right-hand directions.

The three inside radii available are 406mm (16”), 812mm (32”) and 800mm (31.5”) which are available in belt widths ranging from 254mm (10”) up to 1270mm (50”). 

Wire Belt is able to offer its Flex-Turn® Conveyor range in angles from 45º to 180º to meet all production line requirements.

Why do you offer three different models and what are the differences?

To ensure that Wire Belt’s Flex-Turn® Conveyor range can be used with a wide range of products, and applications, there are three different models available 600, 700 and 800 series: Models 616/716/816 and 632/732/832 have inside radii of 406mm (16”) and 812mm (32”) respectively and have larger pitch ranges on the belt to facilitate carrying larger products.

Models 680/780/880 have an inside radius of 800mm (31.5”), having a smaller pitch range to facilitate carrying more delicate products. The different inside radii also allow for a number of different problem-solving measures when trying to navigate existing machinery.

Each of the above models are available with three different conveyor tops: an open conveyor top with polyethylene support rails, a solid polyethylene top and a solid stainless steel top.

What are the advantages/benefits of using Flex-Turn® Conveyors?

Wire Belt’s Flex-Turn® Conveyors utilise a conical Flex-Turn® belt to maintain product spacing and positioning through movement. This allows for automated systems further in the line to continue to operate without user input. 

The compact design of the Flex-Turn® can eliminate problems facing a manufacturer in their sequential processing operations, the conveyor is designed to assist manufacturers in turning their production line 45, 90 or 180 degrees to save footprint space in their plant, thus saving the cost of increasing production area.

The design of the Enhanced Hygienic range, with its wash through construction, self-draining surfaces and open leg frame, makes the cleaning process simpler and quicker, reducing running costs and downtime, improving efficiency and thus increasing profitability.

Each of the conveyor top options mentioned previously have their own advantages for different applications. The open conveyor top allows for easy removal of debris (dry or wet) by dropping away from the conveyed product while being transported and facilitates washing and draining of product whilst on the move.  The solid polyethylene and stainless steel top supports allow for conveying smaller products at risk of falling through the belt and becoming entangled with the strands of the belt. The stainless steel option is particularly suited in meat processing situations.

Where are Flex-Turn® Conveyors used?

Wire Belt’s Flex-Turn® Conveyors are used in production lines where a change in direction is necessary to continue the process of manufacturing. This may be in areas where a production line is modular and different machinery is required for different products, or where space is a premium and a production line continues in a different direction or even in the opposite direction. 

Due to the design features of the Enhanced Hygienic range Flex-Turn® conveyors have been used in environments where hygiene is of the utmost importance, such as food production, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and electronics.  The Flex-Turn conveyor has been used in applications that involve freezing, cooking, breading, baking, sterilising and many more.

Products conveyed on the Flex-Turn Conveyor include pizza’s, biscuits, chicken pieces, petfood, ice cream, seafood, diagnostic components and sterilised medical equipment.