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Belt Maintenance Tools

Wire Belt Company offers a range of belt maintenance tools for easy removal, repair or installation of metal conveyor belts.  All tools are packaged in a reusable storage sleeve to help maintain the tools precision and cleanliness.


Belt Maintenance Tools

Eddie Wire Straighteners  Part Number 017007

Essential for joining and maintenance of Flat-Flex Belting

  • High quality wire straightening tool
  • Remove distortions in the wire and adjust Z-bends
  • Perfect for opening and closing C-Cure edge loops
  • Suitable for wire diameters from 0.90 to 2.35mm

Universal Cutting Nippers Part Number 017008

For cutting all Flat-Flex Belting

  • Micro-structured cutting edge suitable for cutting all Flat-Flex belting including 4mm wire diameter.
  • The compound lever design gives good mechanical advantage, enabling high tensile wire to be cut with low handle loads.  As a result, operator fatigue in a repetitive situation is greatly reduced.
  • Gripping surface below the joint suitable for wire diameters from 1.0mm
  • Multi-component handles with integrated spring return and locking device
  • Fully heat-treated, chemically blackened jaws.
  • Manufactured to DIN ISO 5743:2004

Fine Wire Cutting Pliers Part Number 017004

For cutting fine wire Flat-Flex wire belting

  • Suitable for use with high tensile music wire belts
  • Slim profile head for cutting tightly-pitched belts common to chocolate enrobing processes
  • Leverage reduces force expenditure by 40%
  • Spring return
  • Manufactured to DIN ISO 5747:1995

Side Cutting Pliers  Part Number 017003

For cutting and joining Flat-Flex Belting

  • The jaws remain parallel throughout their range of movement giving a positive grip.
  • The jaws are knurled with a single longitudinal V-slot.  Wire can be fed through the throat of the plier from either end and held firmly over the length of the jaws.
  • Spring return and knurled jaws.
  • Anti-rust finish with bright nickel plated handles and fully heat treated chemically blackened jaws and cutter.
  • Good mechanical advantage on the cutter allows high tensile wire to be cut with low handle loads.  The position of the cutter on the side of the plier ensures that the tool can be used where access is limited.

Micro Shear Wire Cutters  Part Number 017006

For cutting stainless steel Flat-Flex belting

  • The self sharpening design gives good mechanical advantage enabling wire to be cut with no loss of sharpness.
  • Compact design with spring return, heat treated and chemically blackened.
  • Suitable for wire diameters up to 1.27mm.

EZSplice Multi-Head Profiling Pliers Part Number 017009

For use with EZSplice joining strands

  • Individual heads for each pitch and wire combination within the EZSplice range
  • Crimps joining strand to ensure a secure belt join with a flat carrying surface
  • Prevents “over-crimping”

CompactGrid Pliers Set Part Number 017013

For splicing CompactGrid Belting

  • Custom designed CompactGrid Tool kit to make splicing as simple and easy as possible
  • Each tool kit contains two CG-Splice Levers, and one set of CG-Splice Pliers.
  • The tools are designed to help align and crimp the belt into place.
  • The tools provides a perfectly shaped crimp, making the splice joint complete without damaging surrounding wire strands or over-crimping the splice strand.

Ladder Belt Clinching Tool  Part Number 017012

For use with Ladder Belt

  • Purpose built tool facilitates easy opening and closing of Ladder Belt edges for joining

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Belt Maintenance Tools
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