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Wire Belt’s hygienic conveyor systems enhance ‘cleanability’ and reduce running costs 

Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors mark a ‘step change’ in conveyor design

Wire Belt has launched a range of conveyor systems that the company says set ‘a new benchmark’ in hygienic control and ‘cleanability.’  The Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors meet or exceed the latest hygiene design guidelines, using innovative features to make cleaning easier.   

“A key challenge facing production facilities is the prevention of contamination,” says Ben Thomason of Wire Belt.  “Our new range marks a step change in the design and manufacture of conveyors.  We believe it sets a new standard in hygienic design.”  

Uses and Features of Hygienic Conveyors

The new conveyors are designed for any production facility where contamination is a prime concern, especially in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.  

The key objective in Wire Belt’s hygienic design is to facilitate cleaning.  That’s why the new conveyors include features such as an open, wash-through construction and open leg frames, so there are no hidden areas.  The conveyors are also designed to eliminate crevices and ‘bug traps’, while surfaces are self-draining.  Components such as footpads are all made from food-approved materials.

Even the standard control panel is hygienically designed, with a sloped top for drainage, IP66 ingress protection and fully stainless steel construction.  

In common with Wire Belt’s established lines, the Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors use standard components across the range, ensuring shorter lead times, simpler servicing and a ready supply of spare parts.  

The new conveyors will also reduce running costs. “Cleaning is a significant expense in any production facility, especially where preventing contamination is a priority,” says Ben “Making the cleaning process simpler and quicker reduces running costs, improves efficiency and thus increases profitability.”  

The Enhanced Hygienic Conveyors have been designed to meet the guidelines set by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).  They also comply with BS EN 1672-2, covering hygiene requirements for food processing machinery, and the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.  

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