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Our Services

Wire Belt understands the importance of the efficient operation of your conveyor equipment and
systems to your business. To enable you to minimise problems, we offer a wide range of helpful

We fully understand that every organisation is unique and has different belting needs. Serving a wide
array of industries with belting solutions, we are confident that we can help you improve your
efficiency and reduce issues. Our technical sales team also has a wealth of knowledge to help and

You can view our full product range where we are sure that you will find a belt that will ideally fit
your business. We offer over 4,500 belt specifications for our Flat-Flex belt alone!

Wire Belt YouTube Channel

Another of our helpful tools is our official YouTube Channel. Here you will find a range of informative
videos about our belts and conveyors. Our channel includes a maintenance and how to video playlist
including belt set-up and joining videos.

You will also find footage of belts in action so you can see what a healthy conveyor belt set-up looks
like in full flow. A quick glance at the channel could save you a lot of time and stress later down the

Although your business may take great care to avoid any belting issues, we know that in a busy
manufacturing environment problems cannot be avoided. At Wire Belt we can offer several options
to reduce the impact of any issues when they do arise.

Remote Support for Belt & Conveyor Issues

Remote support is available if you require assistance with a metal conveyor belt or conveyor
problem. If you have a mobile device that can be used from the location of the issue, you can
connect to our Technical Sales or Customer Service team via video communication to help resolve
the issue.

Furthermore you can communicate by sharing descriptions, photos or videos of the problem and we
will do our best to get the problem fixed ASAP. Call (0)1795 608137 or email
We’re here to support you.

Belt Survey

A service that you will find extremely valuable is our belt survey. Our experienced technical sales will
undertake a survey of your facility where they can identify the belts being used. They can then
provide a reference chart detailing which belt is fitted to each conveyor so that if any issues occur,
you will know exactly what replacements are needed to keep downtime as low as possible.

During the belt survey the sales engineer will also be able to identify improvements to be made, such
as drive component set-up and improvements to maximise belt life and increase performance levels.

Belt Joining & Maintenance Training

To help you get the best operational life from your conveyor belt, at Wire Belt we offer an on-site
training service
. This will aim to help you master the perfect set-up, identify your belt, belt joining,
and troubleshooting in order to boost productivity without having to worry about your belts
breaking down.

Stocking Solutions

In addition to the previous services, we are proud to offer next day service on key metal conveyor
belts for OEM equipment. Moreover, for non-stocked items we offer two solutions to solve your
stocking requirements, Hold Awaiting Release or Consignment Stock.

Both of these methods are cost-effective, allowing you to prioritise cash flow to other areas of your
business. You can take a look at our stocking solutions page for more information on these services.
We are passionate about having a good relationship with our customers, so your peace of mind is
important to us!

The Wire Belt team is always on hand to help with any problems you may encounter, if you can’t find
the solution through our Help Centre, feel free to contact us at and a member
of our team will be happy to assist you!