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Using conveyors in certain industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals can raise hygiene concerns. To address this issue at Wire Belt we have developed a new range of hygienic conveyors which we believe sets a new standard. Our hygienic conveyors will make it easier for you to maintain excellent standards of hygiene. 

How are our Enhanced Hygiene models different?

The aim of our hygienic conveyors is to make cleaning easier. We know that the need to clean conveyors quickly and thoroughly is important in many industries. For this reason our new hygienic conveyors have a range of useful features that distinguish them from other conveyors, such as an open wash-through construction and open leg frames. 

For convenience the surfaces are self draining and the conveyors have also been designed to eliminate crevices and ‘bug traps’. Components such as footpads, which are usually plastic, are now made of stainless steel. Furthermore, the standard control panel is also designed with hygiene in mind, featuring a sloped top for drainage, IP66 ingress protection and fully stainless steel construction. 

Like our other conveyors, Wire Belt’s Enhanced Hygiene models employ standard components in order to ensure shorter lead times, simpler servicing, and a ready supply of spare parts. 

How can the new models reduce cleaning time?

We appreciate the importance of access to clean conveyors particularly in the food industry. With this in mind, our new Enhanced Hygiene models will allow you to save time on maintaining a clean environment and preventing contamination. 

You will not have to dismantle the conveyors in order to access certain areas. We understand that this is time consuming so our new conveyors have been designed to facilitate wash-through and clean in place. 

We have also designed the conveyor surfaces to be self-draining in order to eliminate the risk of water accumulation, and there are no parts that need to be removed to access hidden areas. To aid efficient cleaning we have implemented a simplified wash-through construction to make removal of contaminants quicker. 

What standards do they comply with?

Our new Enhanced Hygiene conveyors comply fully with regulations and also with the recommendations and standards set by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other bodies.

The benefits to food manufacturers

Our hygienic conveyors not only make it easier to keep a clean work environment, but also will reduce costs. Cleaning can be a costly expense in any facility, and even more so when hygiene is of particular importance. With our wash-through conveyors, the cleaning process becomes quick and efficient, reducing costs. 

An easy to clean conveyor will help reduce the risk of serious issues like product contamination. For a food manufacturer, a product recall is a nightmare scenario. You will have to deal with the cost of recovering the recalled products and also the bad publicity. With our hygienic conveyors, you will be able to efficiently keep your facility clean. 

For information on the new Enhanced Hygienic Conveyor range visit or call +44 (0) 1795 421771.  

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