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Spiral conveyor belts, also known as spiral woven belts or spiral mesh belts, are a specialised type of conveyor belt designed for optimal performance in various industrial applications. These mesh conveyor belts are constructed by weaving together spiral coils in numerous ways to give each of them their own distinct advantages.

Spiral conveyor belts have large open areas, which provide excellent air circulation and drainage, making them particularly suitable for drying, cooling and filtering processes.


Spiral conveyor belts are also known for their strength, durability and flexibility, allowing them to withstand heavy loads. Their robust structure allows them to endure extreme temperatures and harsh cleaning chemicals, making them ideal for demanding environments.

We at Wire Belt offer a range of spiral conveyor belts that are commonly used in industries such as food processing, packaging, automotive and industrial manufacturing. Please feel free to check them out below.

Our Spiral Conveyor Belt Range

Balanced Spiral Woven An extremely popular mesh design metal conveyor belt, it is found in almost every manufacturing industry with a wide ranging number of applications. Balanced spiral mesh features a simple yet effective design, constructed from alternating left and right hand spiral coils held in place by interconnecting crimp rods. Its alternating pattern prevents the belt from pulling to one side, giving it excellent tracking properties.

Cordweave This belt offers an extremely close and flat mesh for applications where small items are being conveyed. It provides a uniform heat transfer across the belt due to its high density and smooth carrying surface. These characteristics make it a popular choice in a wide variety of applications from biscuit baking to sorting small mechanical components.

Flat Spiral These types of conveyor belts have small apertures alongside a flat conveying surface suitable for products prone to slipping through more open mesh designs. Spiral conveyor belts are often a preferred choice where tracking problems have been previously experienced, due to its alternating coil pattern helping to reduce any tendency for the belt to veer to one side.

Chain Link A chain link belt is one of the simplest mesh belt designs, suitable for light duty use such as cooling and drying applications. Successive coils are interwoven to create an open mesh. By keeping the belt design simple yet functional, this spiral conveyor belt offers an economic and lightweight solution for low load conveying.

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