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At Wire Belt Company, stainless steel conveyor belts are a big part of what we do, with our Flat-Flex® and Compact-Grid® belts being popular examples of this. These conveyor belts are also known to increase food conveyor hygiene standards, another benefit to go with their long line of positives.

When compared to plastic modular belts, a stainless steel conveyor belt is proven to increase food hygiene standards by at least 10 times, and in some cases by more than 100 times. This is particularly true for foods such as fish, meat and vegetables. One of the reasons for this is that stainless steel belts, such as the Flat-Flex®, are easily accessible and open, meaning that they are much easier to clean without needing to be dismantled so less contaminants will build up. A stainless steel conveyor belt is also more resistant to damage than its plastic counterpart. As a result, less crevices and scratches will appear, leaving little room for bacteria to grow.

Another point to add is that through numerous experiments, it was also found that stainless steel belts needed less cleans to be sanitised than plastic modular belts. This shows that not only are these belts more hygienic, but they also help to create a more efficient production process. Read an extract from our Comparative Hygiene Testing Of Stainless Steel & Polypropylene Belting Report here.

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