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Engineered for cooling tortillas

Wire Belt’s TC-327 tortilla cooling conveyor belt is designed with 74% open surface area, which allows for maximum airflow on tortilla cooling lines. TC-327 is made of stainless steel, which helps to prevent product sticking from moisture. TC-327 uses our XT® belt pattern that provides optimal product support and minimises product loss. TC-327 comes standard with our patented C-CureEdge® edge loops which helps prevent belts catching and improves safety. TC-327 also comes standard with our EZ-Splice® belt joining strand which gives you the strongest joining method available for increased belt life.


TC-327™ is engineered with Wire Belt’s patented C-CureEdge™ edge-loops, providing the maximum in safety by helping to prevent the belt from snagging or catching during operation.

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Provides superior product support
  • Up to 74% open surface area maximises airflow through the belt

Belt Specifications:

TC Code Reference Pitch and Wire Diameter Nominal opening between wires Edge Loop Size XT Space Width Minimum Large Space Width Average Belt Weight (Kgs/m²) Maximum Tension per Joint – Kgf (N) Minimum Transfer Outside Diameter (grooved) Typical Open Area (%)
TC-327 9.6 x 1.83 7.77 8 22.23 57.15 3.1 8.2 (80) 25 74
Width Tolerance (max. width 4267mm) 0 to 150 belt width: +/-0.8
150 to 900 belt width: +/-1.9
900 to 1500 belt width: +/-2.4
over 1500 belt width: +/-3.2

All dimensions are in millimetres (mm) and are subject to Wire Belt Company manufacturing tolerances.

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Drive Sprocket Design and Dimensions:

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TC-327™ Product Brochure
TC-327™ setup instructions
TC-327™ Joining
TC-327™ Existing Belt Enquiry Form
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TC-327™ conveyor retrofit considerations

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