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Prevent belt catching and improve safety

C-CureEdge® C-shaped edge loops help to prevent catching during installation and operation of your conveyor belt especially during tight conveyor-to-conveyor transfers. C-CureEdge® edge loops also add an extra layer of safety to your belt by minimising the risk of catching during contact. C-CureEdge® is available on many Flat-Flex®Flat-Flex® XT®, and comes standard on Compact-Grid conveyor belts.


C-CureEdge® Advantages:

  • Designed for tight conveyor-to-conveyor transfers
  • Decreases edge loop catching during installation and operation
  • Increases flexibility and lessens stress on the edge of the belt
  • Minimises risk of accidents from sharp or burred open ends
  • Available on most Flat-Flex® style belts
  • Works perfectly with our EZ-Splice belt joining strand

Flat-Flex® meshes available with C-CureEdge®

7.26 x 1.27
7.26 x 1.60
9.60 x 2.08
12.7 x 1.83
12.7 x 2.35
12.7 x 2.8


Flat-Flex® XT® meshes available with C-CureEdge®

7.26 x 1.60
12.7 x 1.83
9.6 x 1.83
9.6 x 2.08

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