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The Role Of Product Separation In Food Processing

Product spacing plays an ever more significant role in food processing as technology and automation evolve to ensure excellent product quality and efficient processing methods. You may find that with the correct product spacing, you have a lower level of wastage and a better product quality, increasing your margins and brand image. The key is ensuring that you are using the correct conveyor solutions.

Maximising Margin Through Product Separation

As outlined above, product separation is becoming much more desirable across a wide range of products and processes, due to its ability to fundamentally change the food manufacturing process. In confectionery, increased product separation allows for the use of pick-and-place machinery to improve efficiency and perform more advanced processing steps than would typically be possible by hand. In value-added food processing, increased product separation allows for more consistently high product quality, by allowing for more even cooking, frying and freezing of the product.

Our conveyor systems such as the Ladder-FlexTM Spreading Conveyor, can efficiently and effectively increase product spacing, without the need for operator input. This is done using individual chains for randomised products or lanes of grouped chains for consistently spaced products. The increase in product separation is customisable based on your application, available space and product size to ensure that your product enters the next piece of processing equipment with the optimal spacing.

The Correct Solution For Your Application

When deciding on a conveyor system to aid in improving your manufacturing efficiency, it is important to ensure that it is hygienic, facilitates cleaning and is a net benefit to your business, offering a return on the initial investment.

Ladder-FlexTM Spreading Conveyors are designed to meet the latest EHEDG guidelines and ensure that your product gets from point A to point B efficiently, and in excellent quality. Wire Belt’s conveyor solutions are fitted with metal belting, offering improved robustness and therefore overall reduced downtime over the comparable plastic and woven belts, while also operating at higher temperatures and providing improved cleanability.

By investing in the correct conveyor system, manufacturers not only ensure higher efficiencies and reduced product rejections and wastage, but also uphold the highest standards of food safety and consumer satisfaction.

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