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The Importance Of Using Wire Belt Manufactured Conveyor Belt Drive Components With Your Flat-Flex® Belt

To ensure peak performance from your Flat-Flex® conveyor belt, we highly recommend using Wire Belt manufactured conveyor belt drive components. By obtaining your drive components from Wire Belt, you will have the peace of mind that they have been engineered to engage your belt mesh correctly, resulting in a smooth and reliable drive system.

Wire Belt manufactures a wide range of drive sprockets to suit Flat-Flex conveyor belting.  Our standard sprockets are designed specifically to drive Flat-Flex® belts smoothly and efficiently.  

Sprockets not designed purposely for Flat-Flex® should not be used as they may cause unnecessary downtime such as belt surges and belt jumping on the teeth, it can also result in premature belt failure. Two of the main causes of belt failure is installation of incorrect conveyor belt drive components and drive components out of alignment on the drive shaft.

Wire Belt has many examples of inadequate sprockets being fitted which has caused customers unnecessary downtime, costing them money to fix.

One of those examples is an end user customer in Australia who was purchasing a Chinese version of our Flat-Flex® belting, along with sprockets. The sprockets caused major issues with the teeth not engaging with the belt, leading to the belt riding up on the sprocket teeth. On top of this, the belt had also been installed upside down, which culminated in the belt’s failure.  Installation of Flat-Flex® belting incorrectly is also a major cause of downtime.

To rectify this, a new Wire Belt Flat-Flex® conveyor belt was fitted, alongside Wire Belt manufactured conveyor belt drive components, which are specifically engineered to provide maximum tooth engagement for the belt mesh we provide. The drive shaft was also set up using Wire Belt’s recommended sprocket and blank layout, which results in maximum life and excellent cleanability.

As well as providing a belt and sprockets that were fit for purpose, the customer received consistent access to the expert support of Wire Belt’s local distributor and their UK Technical Sales Team.

For more information or help with your belt setup, please get in touch with us today. We have a comprehensive library of help information on our website or you can check our YouTube channel for our useful How-To’ videos.