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Rolled Baking Band

Wire Belt Company’s Rolled Baking Band is designed primarily for ovens common to the baking industry, where an extremely flat carrying surface is required for the direct baking of biscuits and cookies.  These belts are often installed in biscuit baking tunnel ovens in lengths in excess of 100 metres with baking zone temperatures up to approximately 310°C.

Rolled Baking Band

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Rolled Baking Band also known throughout the industry as “Z Belts” is created by forcing a duplex unilateral spiral woven mesh through a rolling process to achieve a completely flat, smooth surface and a reduced belt thickness, without compromising heat efficiency.  The design creates a belt of low mass, high strength with good air circulation.  The belt is friction-driven by means of a large diameter drum, commonly placed at the out feed of the tunnel oven.

By providing a flat, uniform surface, Rolled Baking Band is suitable for conveying both soft and hard dough through baking processes whilst ensuring an even heat transfer across the whole belt width.  Rolled Baking Bands may not be suitable for soft doughs with a high fat content where the dough will flow into the mesh in the baking process.

The open area of the mesh can be varied to suit the application. For example, where soft dough is being conveyed we will supply a tight mesh to ensure complete product support. Conversely, meshes can be supplied with an increased open area for applications where heat efficiency is a major concern.

Rolled Baking Bands may not be suitable for soft doughs with a high fat content where the dough will flow into the mesh in the baking process.

Rolled Baking Bands features a hooked edge finish, eliminating the risk of welded joins becoming dislodged and contaminating product and to ensure maximum flexibility of the belt edges around rollers.

There are 4 standard belts which are listed in the table below:-

Available Specifications

Belt Type
Z47 Z47R Z28* Z48
Wire Diameter (mm) 1.2 1.5 1.0 1.3
Pitch (mm): 8.2 8.5 6.3 8.5
Belt Thickness (mm): 2.2 2.8 1.8 2.4
Weight/m² (Kg): 7.0 11.2 6.5 7.4
Max. Width (mm): 1550 1530 1500 1550
Min. roller diameter for belt flexibility (mm): 300** 300** 300** 300**

* Not recommended for high temperature applications.  Designed for light loads with belt lengths up to 100 mtrs.
** The nominal oven drive and idle infeed drum roller diameter would be approximately 1 mtr (dependent upon oven length and process).  For new installations with belt lengths in excess of 100 mtrs please confirm full details of the application to our Technical Sales Team for assessment.

Material:  Carbon Steel

All belts are delivered marked with the direction of operation plus 10 connection join coils.

Important Note: Our belts are manufactured on a bespoke basis to suit your exact requirement.  Please ensure that the exact full replacement belt length is stated on your enquiry/order.  We do not supply short belt lengths to join onto an existing belt. DO NOT attempt to join on to an existing belt.

Each belt is supplied with an included control length on each end, with a matching number of apertures across the width.  For minor belt length adjustment these control lengths can be cut back equally to suit.  If this is necessary please contact Technical Sales to confirm the maximum belt length reduction without affecting performance.

For more information on which mesh will best suit your application, please contact our technical sales team.

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Rolled Baking Band Conveyor Circuit Design Guidelines
Rolled Baking Band New Belt Installation Instructions
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Rolled Baking Band Joining Instructions
Rolled Baking Band Start Up and Test Instructions
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